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Miranda Savage


Miranda Savage

Miranda Savage

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Miranda's passion for interior design started at an early age when she decorated doll houses. She changed the flooring, wallpaper, and even painted her miniature furniture. This joy for creating new and exciting spaces stayed with her throughout her life, growing with her as she remodeled her bedrooms, her first apartment, and eventually her own home. 

After graduating with her degree in Interior Design, Miranda worked for high-end luxury designers and their clientele. She learned how to design with an eye for detail, run a business, and offer service that go a step above. Miranda designed and drew custom homes and project-managed multi-million dollar projects, including both new construction and remodels.


Overtime, Miranda felt concerned about the waste in the industry, and felt called to start her own business centered around sustainability. Now, she helps people envision a functional and beautiful place to call home, all while saving money and caring for the environment along the way. 

"Design can be beautiful, sustainable, and cost effective. Let's make a timeless space for you to call home today."

- Miranda Savage

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